Nakheel unleashes ire-breeding dragon as China-Dubai partnership heats up

Indeed, a dragon has awakened in the middle of the desert, but he’s begun to breathe ire down the necks of long-term Dubai-based expatriate business owners who now feel they compete at a greater disadvantage with Chinese goods, than they had previously with manufacturers of globally renowned branded products.
According to long-time Dubai-based textile wholesaler Sunil Bandari, the unique structure and opportunity afforded Chinese traders through the special relationship formalised between the Chinese and Dubai governments in 2003, makes businessmen who’ve been trading in Dubai nearly as long as he – 25 years – jittery.

Boga Turkish Steakhouse

Turkish cuisine is resplendent with tantalising, creative dishes that were a ‘fusion’ before fusion-cuisine became trendy.
Influenced by the gastronomical delights of seven surrounding countries, the head chef of Boga Turkish Steakhouse will ensure that each dish – from soups, appetisers, salads, main courses, grilled beef and lamb to desserts – will prove an exceptionally delicious and memorable affair.
Speciality main dishes served at Boga Turkish Steakhouse will be prepared with the finest most tender and juicy cuts of grilled or roasted beef and lamb,
But while luscious Boga burgers and kebabs will be the restaurant’s primary draw, Boga baklava won’t be overlooked as a menu highlight. Along with a range of traditional desserts, this classic of crushed walnuts, cinnamon and honey syrup layered over delicate sheets of buttered phyllo will be prepared fresh daily and served with a dollop of fresh vanilla ice cream.